Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Hmn ...hav a long long time didnt update my blog ..
this few months i hav done many attended 2 N.S ,watched all d must-watch movie ,hang out wif my frens n so on...
d most meaningful is d N.S camp..
i met a lot of frens there esp malays (almost bcome a malays )..u noe wad..i knew their doa makan !!!
o ya..i gained my weight...OMG.. damn dissapointed wad can i do??6 meals per day ..everyday curry some more..huh...

o ya..yesterday i fail my car test!!!lol..d uphill part..i never thk b4 i'll fail tat part..
im very confident 2 pass..!!!
luckily i passed d on d road..if nt i'll b crazy ..

1 comment:

  1. Hey Kiwi! Charmain here wei =D Update more ya! Good that you have fun in your N.S camp! =D